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additive manufacturing for dentistry


3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has technologically exploded in the last few years. Improved accuracy, increased efficiency, lower cost, smaller units and novel materials have significantly changed the fabrication landscape. Dentistry is currently experiencing a trend toward 3D printing. Implant dentistry was one of the first disciplines to experience 3D printed guides for predictable surgeries. A revolution in materials and technologies have resulted in further evolution, including the printing of prosthodontic frameworks, dentures and implant components. Recent advances in industrial metal printers and materials have resulted in a surge in the applicability of metal additive manufacturing applications for dentistry. This presentation will explore the exciting advancement of metal AM, including the AM process, established and novel workflows, and applications. Specific applications will be presented, including the novel workflow for dental abutment fabrication and reverse engineered onlay restorations. The objectives are for the participant to appreciate fundamentals of 3D printing, understand the workflow and current materials and identify clinical applications of 3D printing.