Complete mouth reconstruction with upper fixed dental prosth | 56868

जर्नल ऑफ़ डेंटल रिसर्च एंड प्रैक्टिस


Complete mouth reconstruction with upper fixed dental prostheses and lower complete arch implant-supported monolithic zirconia prostheses with feldspathic porcelain veneering limited to the facial surface: A case report

Maha S. Mezied

The prosthetic treatment of patients with an edentulous mandible opposing maxilla fixed dental prosthesis is the most challenging that face clinicians. A complete mouth reconstruction with monolithic zirconia rehabilitation with facial porcelain veneering is reported involving a 65-year old female who presented with upper defective dental prostheses and an unrestorable lower dentition. After examination, maxillary fixed dental prosthesis and 6 implants-supported zirconia framework screw-retained partial fixed dental prosthesis were fabricated in the mandibular arch and made in sections for easier retrievability and maintenance.