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जनरल डेंटिस्ट्री जर्नल


Conservative Orthodontic Treatment of a Periodontally Weak Spaced Dentition with Tongue Posture Correction-A Case Report

Vaishnavi Maniyar*

Orthodontics and periodontics have a strong co-relation especially when treatment of periodontally weak dentition is considered. This holds even more importance when orthodontic treatment is carried out on adult patients. Many authors have studied the deleterious effects of orthodontic treatment on the periodontium but this article focuses on how conservative orthodontic treatment helps in improvement of the health of the periodontium as well as harmonises the attrided dentition. The article presents a case of generalised aggressive juvenile periodontitis with tongue thrust habit and interdental spacing treated with a habit breaking appliance.

Orthodontics involves optimum force application to facilitate movement of teeth in desired direction. The same principle is applied here wherein the deleterious forces due to improper tongue posture are eliminated while the tongue is guided in its proper place which in turn facilitates interdental space closure. As the treatment is conservative of any extra forces from the labial side of teeth, it is seen that the health of the periodontium is improved and the traumatic occlusion is taken care of.