Dental Implants and Systemic Conditions: Impact on Treatment | 57060

जनरल डेंटिस्ट्री जर्नल


Dental Implants and Systemic Conditions: Impact on Treatment Planning stage

Dr. Asra Sabir Hussain

Dental implant treatment is considered as an alternative and attractive substitute to traditional fixed/removable prosthesis. Dental implants are a well-established option for treating the complete and partial edentulism and have been associated with high success rates. However, Patient selection is one of the key factors that play an utmost role for the success of implant therapy.There are absolute and relative contraindications have been reported to complicate the implant surgery with different levels of evidence available in the literature. Moreover, the demand of medically compromised patients requiring implant surgery is potentially increasing in modern era, consideration and understanding the effect of systemic disease on the surgical procedure and on the final treatment outcome in relevance to dental implants is of paramount importance. Dental implant treatment is accompanied by significant functional benefits and improved oral health-related quality of life, dental implant therapy is a feasible treatment in almost any medically compromised patient when the required preventive measures are taken and follow-up care is at a high level.