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Experian Philosophy Model for Empowering Women for Improved Health, Productivity and Innovation

Dr. Gary Epler

has developed the Eplerian Philosophy Model which
is a modern-day life philosophy based on brain science
defined as “know who you are minute by minute.” This
means know your brain region. Learn to stay out of the
bad places and move to the good.
Aristotle talked about “knowing yourself” as the beginning
of all wisdom and Socrates talked about “an unexamined
life is not worth living.” More than 3400 years
ago, the words “Know Thyself” were inscribed in granite.
These maxims have survived thousands of years, but how
do people know who they truly are and how is this helpful
for improving women’s health?
The Eplerian Philosophy Model is based on new brain
science which has shown there are several different independent
brain regions not communicating with each other,
and people can only think from one specialized brain
region at a time. Thinking from some regions like the
prefrontal cortex, creative center and positive relationship
center result in a healthy and productive outcome.
Two others, the amygdala anger center and the cingulate
self-thinking region, result in poor health, decreased productivity,
lack of innovation, and disconnection from the
The philosophy model is relevant for people, business,
and the community. For women, applications include a
healthy posture and healthy nutrition moment by moment.
Additional applications include learning how to
eliminate the harmful effects of stress by managing anger,
fear, sadness, worry and anxiety. The philosophy will help
manage the many types of self-thinking including self-criticism,
self-pity, guilt, judgment and blame. For business,
this model can be used to attain zero-level stress at work
for increased productivity, innovation and sales. For the
community, application will create trust and decrease
fear. Understanding and learning how to use the Eplerian
Philosophy Model will empower women to lead high energy,
productive, creative and enjoyable lives.