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Photographic Printing Techniques in Forensic Dentistry

Mohammad Athar

Forensic Dentistry is a significant part of the forensic sciences and has been an integral part of criminal investigation. Presenting physical models of evidence in court is a recognized practice, however often a number of legal and ethical concerns prevent the investigators from presenting any physical evidence that is of human origins in the court. This causes the judicial systems to rely merely on photographs of these evidences which cannot always provide the accurate amount of information that a three dimensional structure does. The use of 3D digitizing systems such as laser scanners, structured light scanners, photogrammetric, etc. has revolutionized the field of forensic sciences. It allows presentation of three dimensional models of any evidence of human origin without creating bias in the court. The application of these technologies also allows prompt collection of data with minimal degradation and reduction in human errors. Another important application of 3D printing is to impart education in the field of forensics. 3D printing in forensic sciences includes facial reconstruction, identification of pattern of fracture Thus these 3D digitizing technologies can be wisely adapted to advance forensic sciences.