Prosthetic correction for Aesthetic enhancement- A case repo | 96058

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Prosthetic correction for Aesthetic enhancement- A case report

Dr. Sunil Kumar Goyal, Dr. Ashish Kamboj, Dr. Suvarna Singh, Dr. SS Chopra and Dr. Nishant Sinha

This clinical report represents the prosthetic management of a severe dentofacial deformity with compromised periodontal status. On the basis of clinical, radiographic examination and mounted diagnostic casts treatment objectives were made which included aesthetics enhancement, socio-psychological support of the patient, restoration of form & function along with improvement in phonetics and comfort. The treatment sequence included extraction of upper incisors followed by alveoloplasty, thereafter an immediate removable partial denture was fabricated, this was followed by replacement of incisors by a metal-ceramic fixed partial denture.