The Current Status of the Irradiated Patient Regarding Denta | 95374

जनरल डेंटिस्ट्री जर्नल


The Current Status of the Irradiated Patient Regarding Dental Implant Treatment: A Review of the Literature

Soukaina Abidi*, Youssra Azzouz, Saliha Chbicheb

Oral implantology is a process that improves the patient's aesthetic and functional rehabilitation while also increasing their comfort. The local and overall conditions for osseointegration success, as well as the psychological environment and technological possibilities, are all considered before placing a dental implant. Clinical and x-ray workups are important elements of a patient's dental implant evaluation, and developments in CT equipment and software have improved implant surgical success. In patients who have had head and neck radiotherapy, implant therapy can be more difficult than in healthy patients. Radiation has some effects on the oral cavity that can jeopardize the osseointegration process. To promote osseointegration and prevent implant failure, hyperbaric oxygen treatment is utilized as adjuvant therapy. Finally, certain soft-tissue and bone-related problems may occur after surgery. As a result, the irradiated patient's follow-up following implant prosthetic rehabilitation is critical for long-term success. This work aims to determine the feasibility of implant placement in irradiated patients, the survival rate of its success, and the major risks of failure.