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Thermal Waters of Azerbaijan- Sources of Renewable Alternative Energy

Nariman Babaev, Yasin Rustamov, Tair Gadjiev and Vagif Karimov

Azerbaijan that is situated in the east of the Caucasian region of the Alpine folding belt is rich in not only oil, gas, and mineral reserves, but in unique mineral water deposits as well. There is over 1000 mineral and thermal water deposits in Azerbaijan. The majority of these deposits have not been exploited yet. These waters can be used for therapeutic purposes as well as an alternative source of renewable energy. This article is dedicated to ways to solve this problem. There are a high production rate (40 lit/sec-50 lit/sec) aquifers with water temperatures close to 100°C at depth of 3000 m in Neogene and Paleogene rocks. Geochemical and hydrogeological properties of the mineral and thermal waters of Azerbaijan have separately been analyzed in the article for various regions and specific proposals on their efficient use have been put forward.

Thermal waters can be used in heating civil and industrial premises (T=40°C-60°C). Electrical energy can be produced from waters with temperatures above 80°C (Jarli, Precaspian-Guba, etc.). The presence of thermal waters distribution patterns in time and space associated with tectonic faults and magmatic processes has been proven from the scientific point of view