Tools for Assessing Sexual Function in MS Patients | 93472

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Tools for Assessing Sexual Function in MS Patients

Tyler Smith*

Introduction: Young adults are most commonly affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a demyelinating illness of the Central Nervous System (CNS) that alters motor function, vision, sphincter control, and gait. These symptoms reduce the patient's functional status. On the other hand, other signs, including sexual dysfunction, might also affect a person's quality of life.
Development: Sexual dysfunction will affect between 50% and 90% of patients at some point during their illness. It might be a subsequent symptom of demyelinating lesions in the brain, spinal cord, or both, or it can be brought on by symptoms unrelated to the neurological system (fatigue; psychological, social, and cultural factors; etc.). Sexual dysfunction is usually underestimated, despite the fact that its frequency and effects on quality of life are well established. In order to provide early multidisciplinary care, therefore evaluate the many scales for determining the presence or severity of sexual dysfunction in this article.
Conclusion: We examined five questionnaires that might detect the existence of sexual dysfunction in MS patients and establish its cause, aiding in treatment selection. MS must be viewed as a multifaceted illness that affects more than just individuals' capacity to function and involves numerous facets of their health.