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VaginalMicrobiota Can Keep Newborns Healthy Throughout their Life

Purshottam Das Gupta*

Babies are born either by normal deliveries (through vaginal canal), or by C-sections. Those who are born through vaginal canal during labour they get exposed to the microbiota (mostly beneficial) which is quite stable during pregnancy. The various species colonize the skin, oral cavity, and gut which help in developing the immune system in new born even from neonatal stages. The babies which are born by C-section miss this opportunity and due to lack of immune system they are unable to fight infections. In addition to vulnerable to infections, epidemiological studies suggest that it is associated with higher risk of developing asthma, food allergy, type 1 diabetes, and obesity during infancy. An impaired immune system in later life due to the lack of exposure to maternal bacteria that would occur during the standard birthing process, they may have health problems throughout their life.