मल्टीपल स्केलेरोसिस जर्नल

ISSN - 2376-0389

आयतन 1, मुद्दा 2 (2014)

शोध आलेख

A Multicentre, Double-Blind, Randomised, Parallel-Group, Placebo-Controlled Study of Effect of Long-Term Sativex® Treatment on Cognition and Mood of Patients with Spasticity Due to Multiple Sclerosis

Marta Vachová, Alena Novotná, Jan Mares, Radomír Taláb, Jiří Fiedler, Heather Lauder, Lesley Taylor, Tilden Etges, Stephen Wright and Iveta Nováková

शोध आलेख

Examination of Functional Reorganization in Multiple Sclerosis using fMRI-Guided Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: A Pilot Study

Helen M Genova, Ekaterina Dobryakova, Oded Gonen, Frank Hillary, Glenn Wylie, William E. Wu, Matilde Inglese, Nancy Chiaravalloti, John DeLuca

मामला का बिबरानी

Natalizumab Associated PML in a Multiple Sclerosis Patient: Excellent Response to Minimal Intervention

Silvia R. Delgado, Efrat Saraf Lavi, Yesica A. Campos, Melissa Ortega, Kottil Rammohan, William A. Sheremata

समीक्षा लेख

Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy

Reginald C. Adiele and Chiedukam A Adiele

शोध आलेख

Association of Cognitive deficits with Optical Coherence Tomography changes in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Behnaz Sedighi, Mohamad Ali Shafa, Zohreh Abna, Amir Khosrou Ghaseminejad, Reza Farahat, Nozar Nakhaee and Baharnaz Hassani

शोध आलेख

Deficits in Processing Speed and Decision Making in Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis: The Digit Clock Drawing Test (dCDT)

David J. Libon, Dana L. Penney, Randal Davis, David S. Tabby, Joel Eppig, Christine Nieves, Aaron Bloch, Jacqueline B. Donohue, Laura Brennan, Katherine L. Rife, Graham Wicas, Melissa Lamar, Catherine C. Price, Rhoda Au, Rod Swenson, and Kelly Davis Garrett, on behalf of the Clock Sketch Consortium

शोध आलेख

No Effect of Cooling on Cognitive Fatigue, Vigilance and Autonomic Functioning in Multiple Sclerosis

Anja Gossmann, Paul Eling, Andreas Kastrup, and Helmut Hildebrandt

शोध आलेख

Efficacy of Proprioceptive Training with Prokin System in Balance Disorders from Multiple Sclerosis

Angelo Paolo Amico, Mattia Nisi, Ilaria Covelli, Angela Maria Polito, Sabino Damiani, Giancarlo Ianieri, Marisa Megna and Pietro Fiore

शोध आलेख

High Frequency of Fractures in an Early Stage of MS

Olga Krökki, Risto Bloigu and Anne M Remes